advertisingOne of the more cost effective ways to reach large audiences is with newsletter or newspaper advertising.

News ads must be designed to instantly catch the reader’s eye and keep that connection to get the business message across before the reader loses interest.

For example, take the two ads below.  Which ad below do you like best?
Which is easier to read?  Which one lists items you remember better?

The two ads below use the same words, except the first one does NOT state the time the cafe is open, and does NOT mention the good coffee for only $1, and is much harder to read…  ouch.

Don’t waste your ad dollars on an ad nobody will read or remember or is missing significant offers or information your customers need to know to more easily remember, support and buy from you.

Ad layouts that snag “eyeballs” and develop “mind share” is the best way to get a return on your ad dollars.

By the way, the more consistent and memorable your promotion is across your media – whether it’s a website, print ad, handout, Facebook page, text or email  – the more difference it will make in your business growth.



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