cj holmesCJ’s love of and expertise in marketing has come full circle to helping businesses in the Hagerman Valley generate more revenue.  For a number of reasons, she sees tremendous potential for business growth in the Valley.  Among these reasons are the wide variety of recreational ventures available, the opportunities for guided tours, and a myriad other ways this Community could respond to the pent-up demand from Boise, Sun Valley and Twin Falls area residents for an inviting retreat that’s both close and fascinating.

Her marketing, sales and promotional experience has developed over years and include owning a small woodworking business with her husband, managing a small accounting software firm, publishing a For Sale By Owner guide, representing hundreds of clients as a real estate broker, developing and teaching dozens of computer software classes and marketing computer software solutions.

During the last four years, she has dedicated a significant portion of her time helping owners fight fraudulent bank foreclosure.  These efforts included traveling throughout California giving seminars on the topic, daily live-streaming with videos uploaded to Youtube, developing and expanding Home Owners For Justice, plus occasionally tweeting and emailing over 1500 followers.

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