BRANDING is creating a perception of your company in your customer’s  mind.

The best end result of branding is MIND SHARE:  that’s when a customer, thinking about your type of business, thinks about YOUR BUSINESS FIRST.

Building Mind Share doesn’t have to be expensive, since most businesses have resources already being used that could simply be put to better use.

The more customer MIND-SHARE you generate with the resources you have, the more revenues or positive results your business receives by simply changing your promotion strategy.

Revenue is the life-blood of a business, so the importance of effective promotions cannot be underestimated.  If others don’t know about your business or discard your promotional material, you will eventually be out of business.  And poorer.

Consulting with Build Mind Share will explore with you how to cost-effectively promote your business to increase the mind share you generate and includes the following:

Review of your Business and Current Marketing:  The consultation will begin with a brief review of your business goals and business promotion currently in place.

Review of your Current Resources:  Almost everyone assumes that effective marketing is very expensive.  It actually doesn’t have to be.  These days, with powerful computers, smartphones and software, IF YOU KNOW HOW, digital media, in particular, can be relatively inexpensive yet extremely effective.  This part of the consultation will review what dollars, digital equipment, skill set, employee, financial and other resources you have available to put towards more effective promotions.  All of the suggestions in the topics below will be geared to fit your resources and budget.

Marketing Recommendations for “Eyeballs,” “Repetition,” and “Mind-share:” No matter what your business or how you’re marketing, ALL revenue generation boils down to “Eyeballs” – how MANY VIEWS you receive, “Repetition” – how many times the eyeballs view it, and “Mind-Share” – the formula “Eyeballs + Repetition” which makes Your Business leap to the viewer’s mind when they need or want what you have.  The goal is to get customers to think of your business first.

Recommendation of Media specifically for your business:  As you already know, there are multiple methods to get the word out about your business – various types of print media like business cards and brochures or flyers, print advertising, signage and digital in-house media, plus on-line websites, slideshows, videos and social media.  Some of these methods are more expensive than others; some will work better than others for your business type; and some will require more up-front investment, yet operate day in and day out without additional cost.  During the consultation, ideas will abound, but it will be your decision what changes, if any, you wish to implement.

Review of the business Physical Space:  Every business uses some type of “space” and “signage” whether its a brick and mortar store-front, a vehicle or a home office.  We will discuss ways that your business space and signage could better generate more revenue for your business and coordinate with other marketing efforts.

If you are interested in investing an hour or so of intense discussion and revenue generation ideas for your business, please fill out the Business Information form below.  We will contact you to set up a convenient time to meet.


Thank you.  We look forward to working with you!


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