Online Promotions

eyeballsPhones and social media can be one of the most cost effective ways to get your message promoted that ends up becoming your customers’ “mind share.”

Bulk texting, bulk emails, Facebook shares and frequent website posts are the backbone of communicating with your clients, enticing others to get involved, getting feedback and building customer relationships.

slideshowA slideshow “in house” at your place of business or at your off-site presentations can be very effective at showing off specific products, services and benefits for customers doing business with you. This type of advertising is very inexpensive and should be strongly considered.  A website slideshow can be very effective.

Social media has come into its own and can greatly enhance your business “presence” for those that participate in the various media accounts.

How any specific media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube could enhance your business revenue will depend on what your business is and your goals and client market.

A well designed website can share all your posts automatically, keeping them active and up-to-date without any extra effort.

moviesTaking videos and photos with a smartphone has never been easier. No other special equipment is required to take short videos of various aspects of your business.  People LOVE watching videos (1m is best), so a little bit of effort here could produce long-lasting gains for your business.


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