Print Media (Repetition)

In print media, your customers touch your flyers, brochures, business cards and mailers – so it makes sense to be sure those items enhance your customers’ perceptions of your business and do drive them away.

Effective and ineffective materials cost equally, so ensuring effectiveness will make a HUGE difference in the results you experience.  Print materials are expensive so careful consideration in media strategy and ad layout is recommended.  Starting with digital media first may make financial sense.


Attractive brochures and flyers that contain information of interest to your customers should help build mind share for your business.   They need to be interesting, easy to read, LOTS of pictures and contain the key information your customers want to know about you and your business.


businesscardsBusiness cards are another opportunity to share with your customers the items of interest to them. Effective layout, readability, some unique logo, tag line or feature is a must, otherwise these cards are just thrown away or stuck in a drawer…

mailersDirect mail, whether post cards, letters or brochures, is typically the most expensive form of advertising that, these days, typically yield the least results.  Far better to put your money into where the “eyeballs” already are, than trying to shift their focus to a media not typically looked at.  Direct mail marketing is usually thrown out without even opening…


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