Digital Media (eyeballs!)


Revenue is basically a numbers game.  The more “eyeballs” that see your goods or services, the more business potential your business will have.  Digital media turns out to be one of the most cost effective ways to get eyeballs:

An interesting and well-laid out website, focused on the VIEWER’Sinterests and benefits of your business, should be the centerpiece of your marketing, coordinating and reinforcing all the elements of your promotions.  It can and should provide a place to converse and develop a relationship with your customers and potential customers.


Slideshows on your website can be an effective way to attract interest and show the benefits of your business.


Slideshows “in house” at your place of business are very effective at showing off specific products, services and benefits of doing business with you.   This type of advertising is very inexpensive and should be strongly considered.



Social media and all its permutations has come into its own and definitely has a place in our society.  But how much any specific “media” will benefit your business will depend on what your business is and your clientele.  It is not necessarily as effective in gaining business revenue as a website would be.


Taking videos and photos with a smartphone has never been easier. No other special equipment is required to take short videos of various aspects of your business.  People LOVE watching videos, so a little bit of effort in this media could produce long-lasting gains for your business.

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